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Microlinux Enterprise Desktop 14.1

The Microlinux Enterprise Desktop is a full-blown production desktop based on the latest stable Slackware Linux release and Xfce. It is currently used by various small town halls, public libraries and schools in South France.

Microlinux Enterprise Desktop 14.0

MLED is not some derivative distribution. It consists of a collection of roughly 170 custom packages installed on top of an unaltered Slackware base system (except for a handful of multimedia apps rebuilt against the full Monty of audio and video codecs). It focuses on the Xfce desktop environment, with many enhancements.

A selection of carefully integrated applications are featured, one per task. Elegant and sober artwork fit for use in a corporate environment is also included. A complete selection of codecs, plugins and fonts provide a seamless desktop experience. Intuitive and user-friendly default settings and menu entries are provided.

The Microlinux Enterprise Desktop runs reasonably fast on ten-year-old hardware. A battered first-generation Pentium-IV with 512 MB RAM and a 10 GB hard disk will be perfectly sufficient for the job.

For more information, check out the MLED page on the Microlinux website and the detailed installation guide.